Public Safety Mutual Benefit Fund Inc.

Message of the PSMBFI Chairman


The Public Safety Mutual Benefit Fund, Inc. has always been at the forefront in providing life insurance, financial assistance, and other monetary benefits that are responsive to the needs of its more than 157,000 members. Today, the Association ranks among the top mutual benefit associations in the country.


PSMBFI continues to grow in strength and stability. While it maintains the good working relationship with various partner agencies, the Association offers protection to more public safety practitioners, especially those who are exposed to high risk operations and render public service.


As Chairman of the Board of Trustees, I assure our members that the focus of PSMBFI will be on providing more benefits, better privileges, and the improvement of the company's operational efficiency.


The Association will further explore more ways to widen its reach to as many members, including those living in coastlines and assigned in far-flung provinces. I urge you to entrust your future with us.


So as we all take the fight against drugs, criminality and corruption in our country, it is my concern to ensure that all PNP personnel and public safety practitioners are covered by a credible insurance system such as PSMBFI.


PSMBFI is your formidable partner as you provide every Filipino a safe, secured and comfortable life.

Chief, Philippine National Police
and Chairman, PSMBFI