Public Safety Mutual Benefit Fund Inc.

Top Management pays a courtesy call on LTO Chief Galvante

The Land Transportation Office is responsible for showcasing fast and efficient public service for a progressive land transport sector. With the intent to introduce the benefits and services of PSMBFI to LTO personnel, PSMBFI President Mario Avenido, Vice President Armando Ramolete, and General Manager Sebastian Siga-an paid coutesy call on LTO Chief Edgar Galvante last June 22, 2017.  Chief Galvante stressed the importance of insurance and that series of information campaign be made.

The LTO Chief is a former President of PSMBFI Galvante, best remembered to have  defended the creation of the PSMBFI during his active police service, saying that since there was no longer a GSIS membership for policemen as provided by law, “who will now answer the problem on retirement benefits of the policemen?”