The Endowment at 56

The Endowment at 56 (E-56) is an insurance and savings plan which allows members to save up for retirement and at the same time be protected with a life insurance coverage. This product helps the member with his expenses after retirement at age 56, prior to his receipt of his monthly pension.

  • The E-56 is an investment and insurance plan in one. A member pays for this plan up to age 56. Upon reaching this age, the policy holder may choose to receive the sum assured either in lump sum or on a monthly basis. 
  • The E-56 is intended to bridge the three-year gap from the time police personnel retires from the active service up to the time he receives his monthly pension from the PNP. However, if the policy holder dies within the paying period, the sum assured will be given to his designated beneficiary/ies. 
  • All PSMBFI members aged 21 to 50 can enroll in the E-56 and the insurance coverage will take effect upon payment of the first monthly premium. 


Amount of sum assured 

The amount of the sum assured depends on the insurance age and the monthly premium. The minimum amount of premium is P350.00, while the sum assured can go as high as P3 million. 

Available riders 

The Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) rider provides additional cash benefit to the beneficiaries if the policy holder’s death is due to an accident. The Waiver of Premium Due to Disability Benefit (WPD) rider waives future premiums if the policy holder suffers total and permanent disability due to sickness or accident.